[Sugar-devel] soas and fesco

Thomas Gilliard satellitgo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 12:28:48 EST 2019

17:18:14 <jforbes> satellit_
17:18:17 <zbyszek> Yep.
17:18:21 <satellit_> Python 2 exception: sugar desktop environment  
17:18:21 <bookwar> i was thinking of adding something more direct, like 
"what's you opinion on modularity", but it would transform fesco voting 
into vote on topics
17:19:09 <mhroncok> satellit_: it seems to me that the request is incomplete
17:19:16 <bookwar> satellit_: i think we are waiting for inputs from 
maintainers of involved packages
17:19:42 <satellit_> pbrobinson made it....I am just a volunteer
17:20:15 <mhroncok> satellit_: what do you like to know?
17:20:30 <jforbes> Right, and when the input from the dependent 
maintainers is made, I expect we will vote based on that, but I don't 
think anything can be done before then
17:20:55 <satellit_> can the Python packages not get retired till 
resolved (delay)
17:21:06 <mhroncok> for a resoanble deadline, yes
17:21:09 <mhroncok> forever? no
17:21:14 <satellit_> k
17:21:21 <mhroncok> (my personal opinion)
17:21:42 <mhroncok> but if the maintainers re not aware fo this, they 
might remove their python2 packages
17:21:52 <mhroncok> the key is to talk to them

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