[Sugar-devel] Port to Python 3 - Aniket and James chat

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed May 22 01:50:52 EDT 2019

Aniket and I had a brief conversation just now.  Here's a summary;

1.  Porting to TelepathyGLib is necessary.  Understanding of Telepathy
is challenged by how it operates as a DBus service.  My post on 8th
describes how to use dbus-monitor to watch the communication between
the Telepathy API and the Telepathy service processes.

2.  Sugar doesn't have a "make uninstall" target.  This makes it hard
to test changes.  Options are (a) use the install log, (b) touch a
marker file and use find to list the files installed, (c) use
checkinstall.  Other developers may benefit from a working uninstall

3.  Alternative to using "make uninstall" and "make install" cycles is
to edit the source files in place on a test VM, or use rsync to copy
them from your git repository to the VM over SSH,

rsync -r --checksum src/jarabe $HOST:/usr/local/lib/pythonN.M/dist-packages/
rsync -r --checksum extensions $HOST:/usr/local/share/sugar/

4.  in general if you can't test code within three to ten seconds of
saving a source file, you can spend some time to make tools to speed
that up.

5.  Datastore is also hard to test because it is a DBus service.  The
old one must be stopped, then removed, before a new one is installed
and started.  There's probably useful information from the DBus
project about how to do it differently.

James Cameron

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