[Sugar-devel] Interested to contribute to Sugar Labs project

K. Kaushik Reddy reddykaushik18 at gmail.com
Mon May 13 10:05:37 EDT 2019

Hi all

This is Kaushik Reddy from India. I'm in my third year of undergrads in
Computer Science engineering. I was a GSoC 2019 enthusiast, I contributed
to two organizations, naming them- Python Argentina & StarKit
<https://github.com/urstrulykkr/starkit>. These were suborgs under Python
software foundation. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it up to the
selections, but no worries loosing is the part of game ;)

Now, for the love of social welfare and OSS I would like to contribute for
Sugar Labs. Which is why I'm here to join. *Is there any project to work on
? [I prefer python and/or JavaScript].*
I also worked on a similar project called Pyzombis
<https://github.com/urstrulykkr/PyZombis>, which is based on building a
python interactive-textbooks for Spanish speakers.
So, will be waiting for your reply.

GitHub <https://github.com/urstrulykkr> | LinkedIn
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