[Sugar-devel] Collaboration Between Activities Fail with Fedora 29 SoaS

Samson Goddy samsongoddy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 18:29:09 EDT 2019

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019, 6:30 PM Alex Perez <aperez at alexperez.com> wrote:

> Samson,
> Based on my previous conversations with you, you had indicated you were
> using Fedora 29 32-bit SoaS. Please confirm that this is still the case. I
> have changed the subject line to reflect this.
Yes, I am using 29 32-bit SoaS.

> I believe you are encountering the issue which we thought we had fixed
> with a previous patch (see https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/issues/814
> ). This patch is now upstream in F29, but _only_ if you use the updated
> 32-bit SoaS image, which is not yet generally available. Even with the fix
> in place, collaboration still fails with the same message.
> After starting Sugar, open the Terminal, and type 'grep key
> ~/.sugar/default/logs/shell.log' If you see a message which says "ERROR
> root: Error parsing public key" then you are running into a bug that has
> been present in the last several versions of Fedora, and completely breaks
> collaboration. The underlying problem is still not fully understood,
> however we know it's related to SSH keys.
> Additionally, for collaboration to function, you must also make sure that
> your Ethernet interfaces have IP addresses (self-assigned is fine), and
> that there is a default route set on each computer that is attempting to
> collaborate. You can check this from the terminal with "ip route", and if
> there is no line that starts with "default" or no output at all, then there
> is no default route set, and collaboration will not work.
> Here is an example of the output of shell.log which shows the error:
> http://alexperez.com/xo1/VirtualBox_Fedora29-soas-shell.log.png

Thanks Alex, I will be giving an update by Wednesday. As soon as I get my
hands on the computers again.


> Samson Goddy wrote on 3/13/19 7:09 AM:
> Hi Everyone,
> We've been working on installing SOAS on some computers in a school and we
> were testing collaboration using CAT5 cables connected to a router
> and also connected to the two computers running the SOAS instances, the
> both instances are seen on the two computers but after joining an activity
> the "Joining activity" alert and collaboration doesn't happen.
> Logs here <https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/zHTTguZXyh4k7xskpe4Inw>.
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