[Sugar-devel] Tamagotchi Widget

Hrishi Patel hrishipatel99 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 08:22:49 EDT 2019

I've started working on the Tamagotchi widget.
To give you insights:
The widget will be a replacement/modification of the existing XO icon. The
Widget will evolve based on aspects like Journal entries, activities
installed. It will also change its shape to reflect battery/disk usage
status. Read more about Tamagotchi here:

I created a few icons for demonstration (
Sugarified them (using Sugar Iconify) and put them in the sugar-artwork. I
then modified the BuddyIcon class (/jarabe/view/buddyicon.py) to test the
icons. I've attached a GIF.
(The GIF shows embryo (the circular icon) which means the system is new,
and its disk space variations (50% and 90% full), same with Teen (XO), the
adult icon is yet to be conceptualized)

Am I going in the right direction by modifying BuddyIcon for the widget? If
not, can you guide me on how should I do it?

Regards, Hrishi P.
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