[Sugar-devel] GSoC 2019 Project Idea

Swarup N nswarup14 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 10:37:44 EST 2019

My name is Swarup N, and I have been contributing to sugarlabs for the past
2 months. I am relatively new to open source, but I hope to catch up soon.
The last two months have proved quite fruitful, in terms of learning and
understanding the code base.

Going over the recent threads on sugar-devel mailing lists, I came across a
thread that proposed to implement adapter like modules for pygame, GTK and
other third party libraries that sugar runs on. There, I noticed the
mention of CollabWrapper as a module that certain activities use to enable
collaboration over multiple running sugar instances. I understand that
CollabWrapper uses Telepathy, GLib as the underlying C code.

What I propose now as a GSoC project is to make use of CollabWrapper and
enable several other activities to support collaboration. Sugarlabs has
over 300 repositories and wide set of activities, and many such activities
has the potential to be run on several instances at once, basically
supporting collaboration, but do not do so at the moment. I feel the
project aligns with the pedagogical requirements that need to be met by
project. At the same time, we can also fix existing issues regarding
collaboration that some activities currently have. We can identify 20-30
activities that can support collaboration but do not so at the moment, and
thus, make them support collaboration.

I sincerely welcome suggestions and changes to what I've proposed from the
developer community. I wish to see what other features and proposals we can
add to this.

Swarup N.
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