[Sugar-devel] Porting Task

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Dec 31 16:46:54 EST 2019

Hello Abhay,

For context, you are quoting from my earlier reply on 19th December;

"test the activity" means to run the activity program inside Sugar and
test all the features and user interface widgets.

1.  choose the activity from the Home View, see
https://help.sugarlabs.org/ for how to use the Home View; if you
cannot do this, then check that the activity is installed in either
~/Activities or /usr/share/sugar/activities directory.

2.  the activity shall start and display; if it does not display, and
instead Sugar gives error message failed to start, then you must look
at Sugar logs using the Log activity or Terminal.  Logs can be found
in ~/.sugar/default/logs

3.  test all the features; cannot be specific here without knowing
which activity you are porting, but a general test checklist can be
found in our guide to contributing,

4.  test all the user interface widgets; activities that are written
in Python and GTK provide user interface elements as widgets, and
these should be individually tested by clicking on them or with other
conventional interactions; activities that are written in Python and
Pygame might not provide obvious elements.  To know what interactions
are supported requires experience, reading the source code, and
understanding the GTK or Pygame API.

As we mention in our Port to Python 3 documentation, you should make
sure all features of an activity are working before trying to port.

When you become stuck again, please ask specific questions.

James Simmons' book is also useful, please do read it.

On Tue, Dec 31, 2019 at 06:17:11PM +0530, Abhay Malik wrote:
> hey, 
> how are you?, hope this a good time to talk?
> so basically, I am doing the porting to python 3 task, i got
> everything running but i'm stuck at this step which is to test the
> activity on the virtual machine, then edit the sources over SSH
> using your IDE ,test the modified activity on the virtual machine,
> and commit thechanges, etc, as per the usual GitHub workflow, so how
> do i do this.

James Cameron

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