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James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Dec 5 15:52:02 EST 2019

G'day Prakash,

Sugar began with mostly Python activities, as well as some activities
using other languages such as C and SmallTalk.

Support for running web activities, using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS,
was added to Sugar using a module called Sugar Web.  An RPC was added
to Sugar shell using gwebsockets, so that web activities could
communicate with Sugar.

Some Sugarizer activities evolved from Sugar Web activities.

Sugar Web became unmaintained as developers were not replaced.


So porting would involve;

- changing the source directory into the form recognised by Sugar,

- testing and fixing Sugar Web as needed,

- testing and fixing Sugar's RPC service, and gwebsockets.

On Thu, Dec 05, 2019 at 08:28:19PM +0530, prakash ujjwal wrote:
> Hi, this is prakash from New Delhi.
> I have been contributing to sugarizer activities.
> I know how to develop a sugarizer web activity and wanted to know how can I
> port the same sugarizer activity to sugar dekstop? Do I have to write the
> entire activity in Python again or if there's a way we can port same JavaScript
> activity to Python or Python to js?

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James Cameron

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