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James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Dec 1 16:25:21 EST 2019

Welcome Abhay.  Nice game, thanks.  Well done for a first time.

I've a few suggestions, in no particular order;

1.  the game initially starts with the snake moving very quickly. but
slows down on the first change of direction; perhaps it should start
at the speed that it means to go on with,

2.  someone who has never used the game may find it a struggle to
understand what to do; perhaps add some instructions or demonstration
at the beginning, before starting the game.  If you do this, write and
design for a small child who is yet to read.

3.  add copyright and license; something like GPLv3+ would be very

4.  review other snake games and borrow features, have a look at

5.  add the Sugar wrapper for PyGame, so that the game can be bundled
and run as a Sugar activity, have a look at

6.  let the game operate in full screen, and adjust the snake and
apple sizes to proportions of the full screen size; at the moment the
game runs in a 640x480 VESA size window, which on a large high
resolution display is very small,

7.  the CPU use is very high, which leads to energy loss, low battery
and cooling fans; in turn this is because of (a) the frame rate, (b)
no dirty rectangle management, and (c) competition with lots of
Terminal output caused by print(running, points).

Humans find 25 to 50 frames per second acceptable for these types of

Dirty rectangle management is a technique where only the parts of the
screen that have changed are updated instead of using flip.  You can
find how to manage dirty rectangles in our Sugargame test activity;


Removing the print is easy.

On Sat, Nov 30, 2019 at 04:59:02PM +0530, Abhay Malik wrote:
> Hey,
> Hope you all are doing fine, after getting all the suggestions I checked the
> sugar labs GitHub account. I got to see some repositories having python and
> they were using PyGame, so I decided to learn PyGame because I was very
> fascinated, in the process I built a a Snake Game from scratch myself. Have a
> look at this <[1]https://github.com/Abhay-dot/Snake-Game-> 
> Please let me know your suggestions, will I be able to use python in the GCI.
>     On Nov 16, 2019, at 14:09, Abhay Malik <[2]eshanmalik150216 at gmail.com>
>     wrote:
>     Thanks for the suggestion,
>     I checked the web version and played around with it, I checked the getting
>     started document ([3]https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Getting_Started). I’m a
>     bit confused, I have a Mac book air, I just wanted to know what steps
>     should I do so that I can get the software running on my Mac.
>     Thank you,
>     Abhay
>         On Nov 7, 2019, at 00:03, Abhay Malik <[4]eshanmalik150216 at gmail.com>
>         wrote:
>         Thank you so much Mr. Walter, I’m really excited to complete tasks in
>         GCI.
>         Any quick pointers for me, for example, where should I start from?
>         I have my holidays and have a lot of time so I can learn.
>         Thank you,
>         Abhay 
>             On Nov 5, 2019, at 01:44, Walter Bender <[5]walter.bender at gmail.com
>             > wrote:
>             You don't need to "join" Sugar Labs to participate in GCI. Just
>             enter the contest when it becomes available to students and look
>             for projects on the Sugar Labs page in GCI. We'll have lots of
>             Python and JavaScript projects, as well as design, research,
>             documentation, and out reach projects to choose from. Plan on
>             having fun!!!
>             On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 10:41 AM Abhay Malik <[6]
>             eshanmalik150216 at gmail.com> wrote:
>                 Hi,
>                     This is Abhay, I’m 13 years old and I live in Singapore. I
>                 recently got to know about Google Code-In and as a hobby I
>                 learned python, after looking at the Google Code-In website I
>                 found about Sugar Labs. I spent some time on the demo and I
>                 liked it, I wanted to know what should be my next step to join
>                 Sugar Labs and contribute to the Google Code-In.
>                 Thank you,
>                 Abhay
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> References:
> [1] https://github.com/Abhay-dot/Snake-Game-
> [2] mailto:eshanmalik150216 at gmail.com
> [3] https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Getting_Started
> [4] mailto:eshanmalik150216 at gmail.com
> [5] mailto:walter.bender at gmail.com
> [6] mailto:eshanmalik150216 at gmail.com
> [7] mailto:Sugar-devel at lists.sugarlabs.org
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