[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Sugar 0.115 unstable

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sat Aug 31 00:23:50 EDT 2019

Sugar 0.115 is released.

Thanks to contributors;

Rahul Bothra,
Ibiam Chihurumnaya,
Ryan Cunningham,
Sukhdeep Gill,



A v0.115 tag has been pushed to each repository.

Dependencies have changed; Python 3 is required, Six is required, Empy
is required, Telepathy binding for Python 2 is not required.

Datastore is not released.

Brief change log by module below.


* Remove embedded empy (Rahul Bothra),
* Remove empty files (Rahul Bothra),
* Add left-handed cursors (Ryan Cunningham).


* Defer Gtk.Window.iconify to fix startup again (James Cameron),
* Fix check-po target and update LINGUAS (Aniket Mathur),
* Port to TelepathyGLib (tonadev, Aniket Mathur),
* Port to Six (Aniket Mathur),
* sugar3.speech expose mark messages (Ibiam Chihurumnaya),
* sugar3.speech expose player pipeline (James Cameron),
* Clean activity logs successful completion (James Cameron).


* Remove embedded empy (Aniket Mathur),
* Demote invite join message (James Cameron),
* Port to TelepathyGLib (Aniket Mathur),
* Add README.md and docs to distribution (Sukhdeep Gill),
* Flush busy cursor change (James Cameron),
* Port to Python 3 (Aniket Mathur).

sha256 checksums;

400148f4d9e521d7af50f67969b5d92a77d7a97f49497eaa560844cc9637ec00  sugar-artwork-0.115.tar.xz
96da291673c32bc0c8a1c9a8b2a3e65c8e1cf1cfa0d958a469c317af36d8d580  sugar-toolkit-gtk3-0.115.tar.xz
333cad4e774245c801d4f921202bea3030d5bf2bba8e111ef2c746726c4689d5  sugar-0.115.tar.xz

James Cameron
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