[Sugar-devel] AbiWord version while using Sugar

Swarup N nswarup14 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 07:26:09 EDT 2019


I have been working on the Write-activity since yesterday. After going
through the issues opened on GitHub, and many in https://bugs.sugarlabs.org,
I realised that several bugs exist in the activity, because of bugs in
AbiWord. Several places in the activity as well, there mentions of specific
AbiWord bugs, because of which certain features are excluded.

After exploring these known AbiWord bugs on mailing lists, forums etc, a
lot of these have been fixed in later versions of AbiWord. I have shared a
few links to mailing lists in support.

Hence I wished to know what version of AbiWord does Sugar come with? I do
not remember specifically installing AbiWord, rather it came along with
Sugar. A lot of bugs can be fixed, features implemented if the AbiWord
version that comes along with Sugar can be updated.


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