[Sugar-devel] SpellCheck for write activity project

Jake Scarlet mmatty26 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 11:59:50 EDT 2019

Ah yes James, that's exactly what I meant to ask. Thank you all for your
The project idea mentions that We can use an existing API based text editor
for the base. I've decided to go with QuillJS (one of the mentioned
options), mainly for the flexibility and  the fact that It can be optimized
to such great extent. Since it isn't confined inside an iframe like many
other legacy  editors that i came across, I can tailor it to perfectly
match the Sugarizer environment.Also, the lack of any dependencies makes up
for a lot of simplicity.
I've tested the basic functionalities and they all match up to the original
python version of the Write application.

Should I proceed with this?
And also, what API would you recommend for the text to speech feature,
referred to as Alice in the python version?
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