[Sugar-devel] GCI progress...

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 08:03:50 EDT 2018

Things are going well so far... 285 students have participated in the first
week. Some are digging really deep into programming and have already made
some significant contributions. Looking forward to seeing what they come up

Two comments re mentoring.

(1) Please don't let yourself be pushed into approving tasks before they
are completed. The students may be in a hurry, and we should give them
timely feedback, but the work must be completed at a high standard to be

(2) Speaking of feedback, try to be specific. I give there examples I have
seen from some of our design tasks:

"You need to be more creative" is not a helpful or actionable comment.
"The text is illegible" is actionable.
"The text is illegible because the lack of contrast with the background" is
even more helpful.

Thanks for all the help.



Walter Bender
Sugar Labs
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