[Sugar-devel] How to ask for directions

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Oct 2 19:15:23 EDT 2018

My “How to get started as a Sugar Labs developer” [1] assumes you are a self-directed developer.  That you will use Sugar, Sugarizer or Music Blocks, and choose what to maintain or improve, based on;

* your time,

* your interest,

* your equipment,

* how many other people are also interested, and;

* your previous experience with the languages and tools.

You are always the best judge of these things.  If you fail in one of these areas, you can self-improve.

Lionel can tell you what needs doing in Sugarizer.  Walter can tell you what needs doing in Music Blocks.  For Sugar, what needs doing is;

* maintenance of activities, through to release and publishing,

* back-porting Sugarizer activities to Sugar,

* maintenance of the GTK+ 3 toolkit and shell (for experts).

I ask that new developers avoid changes to our infrastructure, such as web sites and documentation, until they have demonstrated their contribution and awareness of the source code of Sugar, Sugarizer or Music Blocks.  However, for the changes that have been proposed, I’ll expect experienced developers to review and approve them rather than inexperienced developers.


1.  How to get started as a Sugar Labs developer [v3]

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