[Sugar-devel] Development Team Meeting, 20th November 10PM UTC

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Nov 20 18:50:10 EST 2018

[09:00:18] <Quozl> .
[09:00:26] <dc0der_b0y> hi
[09:00:34] <samsongoddy> hello
[09:00:36] <Quozl> hi.
[09:01:09] <dc0der_b0y> where can i find the logs of this channel to go through the previous meetings
[09:01:14] <dc0der_b0y> ?
[09:02:24] <Quozl> dc0der_b0y: it's really not practical at the moment; some recent previous meetings have logs posted to sugar-devel@ mailing list, and before we had to block the meeting robot you can find older meetings on meetings.sugarlabs.org.
[09:02:29] <ibiam> Hi
[09:02:53] <dc0der_b0y> oh..ok Quozl
[09:03:18] <Quozl> dc0der_b0y: blocking the meeting robot was because of a spam attack on freenode.net; we had to protect our channel by requiring registration, and nobody has fixed the meeting robot yet.
[09:03:58] <dc0der_b0y> Understood!..can anyone update me with what has been going on with the organization
[09:04:04] <dc0der_b0y> I'm new here
[09:04:48] <ibiam> dc0der_b0y: GCI is on going at the moment
[09:04:55] <eohomegrownapps> Quozl: is there a meeting scheduled for today?
[09:04:57] <ibiam> Google Code-In
[09:04:58] <Quozl> dc0der_b0y: no, there's no single point of update, we're a very diverse organisation that has settled into isolated silos.  for the oversight board, they publish minutes on wiki.sugarlabs.org.  for developers, we make pull requests and issues on github.
[09:06:18] <dc0der_b0y> I had a few things to ask about GSOC 2019..is this the right place to ask?
[09:06:57] <Quozl> dc0der_b0y: it is one of many places you may ask, but we aren't yet planning GSOC 2019, so any discussion would be very speculative.
[09:07:30] <dc0der_b0y> yeah that makes sense Quozl..thanks for the response
[09:07:48] <Quozl> eohomegrownapps: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/sugar-devel/2018-November/055905.html (yes).
[09:08:05] <eohomegrownapps> ah, thanks :)
[09:08:30] <Quozl> i've been looking at pull requests, and just now i was looking at why the web site still has a 30 second timeout on kiwiirc.com resources.
[09:10:56] <samsongoddy> So I and Ibiam are currently working on a roadmap to fix Scratch 3.0 for Sugar because of OLPC users
[09:11:21] <samsongoddy> But it would be have been alot easier if the sugar-web was working
[09:11:54] <samsongoddy> Because for some reasons alot of features isn't working when bundle with browse
[09:11:57] <Quozl> Iqra has been looking at sugar-web.  llaske was the last person to maintain it, but did so inside sugarizer, didn't get help on the sugar side.
[09:12:10] <Quozl> samsongoddy: that's the webkit2 browse, right?
[09:12:14] <samsongoddy> Yes
[09:12:53] <samsongoddy> Like currently I can't seem to load some scratch assets offline
[09:13:04] <samsongoddy> like importing sprites
[09:13:06] <samsongoddy> and sounds
[09:13:22] <perrie> hi
[09:13:39] <samsongoddy> It works on the current version which lionel build, I used that same version for browse and it not really working
[09:14:49] <Quozl> samsongoddy: and you are avoiding sugar-web for a different reason, right?  sugar javascript activities don't need browse necessarily.
[09:15:07] <ibiam> Quozl: I agree
[09:15:26] <samsongoddy> I think I tried a JS activity it didn't work
[09:15:28] <ibiam> What exactly is wrong with sugar-web
[09:15:39] <samsongoddy> Walter also had issues with MB and TB
[09:15:52] <samsongoddy> If I remember correctly
[09:15:54] <Quozl> might be an idea to get iqra involved as well.  find out what is wrong with sugar-web rather than keep trying to avoid it.
[09:16:11] <samsongoddy> Okay I will have a meeting with her
[09:16:13] <Quozl> or it might be in sugar-activity-web.
[09:16:45] <samsongoddy> maybe
[09:16:52] <Quozl> at worst, you might use the libsugar wrapper around something like an electron app, but there won't be journal integration.
[09:17:28] <samsongoddy> Scratch without journal feature will be a nightmare
[09:17:36] <samsongoddy> But I think it never did
[09:17:48] <samsongoddy> If I remember correctly
[09:18:09] <samsongoddy> Scratch 1.4 was saving projects in gnome instead of Sugar
[09:18:15] <samsongoddy> on the OLPC
[09:19:10] <samsongoddy> iqra, we were just talking about you
[09:19:22] <samsongoddy> I am trying to build Scratch 3.0 for Sugar Desktop
[09:19:41] <iqra> Oh sorry I joined in late
[09:19:44] <samsongoddy> I am trying to use sugar-web but it seems to be broken.
[09:19:53] <samsongoddy> Can we work on it later?
[09:20:07] <samsongoddy> Or discuss how to possibly fix sugar-web
[09:20:08] <ibiam> Quozl: the file chooser dialog used in scratch 1.4 showed fedora directories
[09:20:19] <ibiam> And not the journal
[09:20:24] <samsongoddy> Yeah
[09:20:34] <samsongoddy> I remember using it back in High School
[09:20:52] <iqra> Yeah, we’ll discuss on how to fit sugar-web
[09:21:03] <samsongoddy> Sure
[09:21:04] <iqra> *fix
[09:21:14] <Quozl> ibiam: yes.  you might consider journal integration a nice to have feature later on your queue.  i.e. you might never do it.
[09:21:48] <samsongoddy> Scratch 3.0 works very well with Sugarizer journal
[09:21:59] <samsongoddy> It even auto saves
[09:23:41] <Quozl> so copy the code from there.
[09:24:01] <Quozl> (including the dependencies)
[09:24:23] <samsongoddy> +1
[09:24:38] <ibiam> Quozl, samson: was the problem with browse sound?
[09:25:04] <ibiam> *audio?
[09:25:07] <samsongoddy> yes
[09:25:27] <ibiam> I've not really looked at the code
[09:25:28] <samsongoddy> Audio from Scratch doesn't work with browse webkit
[09:25:37] <samsongoddy> it all in JSX
[09:25:42] <ibiam> We could use gstreamer for sound instead
[09:26:57] <ibiam> Quozl: there's a possibility right
[09:28:43] <Quozl> ibiam: not really; use whatever webkit provides already, from memory webkit uses gstreamer for video, and uses either gstreamer or alsa or pulseaudio for audio.
[09:29:31] <Quozl> (firefox makes similar choices).

James Cameron

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