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Lionel Laské lionel.laske at gmail.com
Wed May 16 16:27:59 EDT 2018

Hi all,

I've read on a recent sugar-meeting [1] questions regarding Sugarizer
Because I've just released version 1.0, I think it's the right time to
build a Sugarizer FAQ.
I'm answering below on questions asked during this meeting but I will be
please to add to this future FAQ all questions you're interested to ask.
Don't be shy :-)

Who is responsible of the packaging of Sugarizer ? Who choose activities
distributed inside Sugarizer ?

I'm choosing all activities integrated into the Sugarizer package.

It's an editorial choice. It's also a way to simplify use of Sugarizer by
non technical guys.

Finally it's a way to ensure a good quality: I spent lot of time before
each release to test each activity on each supported platform (Chrome,
Firefox, Safari, EDGE, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, Windows 10).

BTW all deployment is free to change (add/remove) activities packaged in
Sugarizer - see below.

Is it possible to change activities package into Sugarizer ?

Because each activities has it's own directory in Sugarizer, It's easy to
change the packaging. See here:
https://github.com/llaske/Sugarizer#activities for more.

On Sugarizer application (Android, iOS, Windows 10) it's not possible to
install/remove dynamically a new activity. It's today a technical
limitation: all downloads must be sandboxed. So to change packaging for
Sugarizer application, you will need to rebuild the Cordova package. See
for more.

Note also than Sugarizer Server Dashboard allow each deployment to choose
favorite activities (on the home view by default). Just click on Activities
button and change favorite state in the dashboard. You could also change
activities order.

Is the Sugarizer library close to matching the Sugar activities library ?

Sugar activities library is very huge: I've counted more than 1000

It's difficult to imagine to port all activities: activities should be
rewritten (no direct translation from Python/Gtk to JavaScript/HTML). Plus,
not all are really used on the field.

So my porting strategy was:

   - G1G1 activities: Record, Calculate, Memory, Chat, Maze, Paint, Speak,
   Moon, Clock, Physics, Abacus,  Turtle, Scratch, Etoys, Pippy (Jappy), …
   - Most used activities in deployment: Fototoon, Labyrinth, Tuxmath (Tank
   Operation), …
   - Activity asked by OLPC France deployments: Video Viewer (Khan Academy,
   Canope), Shared Notes, QRCode, …
   - Other activities proposed by contributors: Gears, ColorMyWorld, Game
   Of Life, …

I'm hearing from you to adapt priority and to port some specific activities
that could be useful on the field.

Best regards.


[1] http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-meeting/2018-05-15#i_2925856
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