[Sugar-devel] First draft of proposal SugarLabs Social - Gsoc'18

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Mar 26 01:51:13 EDT 2018


Thanks for your private reply.

Yes, Sugar Social Help was not as welcoming as Facebook or Twitter,
but the goal at the time was met.  Yet even with that goal met, there
was little to no engagement.  That's the main point I was making.  So
you should write something in response to "A competitive proposal must
include some evidence that the approach taken will result in some use
-- just because we build it doesn't mean they will come" ... something
more than your opinion alone.

Decommissioning the Discourse instance will require similar skills to
commissioning the Sugar Social instance; which is to speak with the
systems@ mailing list and our system administrators.  It is important
to decommission so that;

1.  people are not directed to the wrong, old, place, and;

2.  Sugar Labs system resources are minimised, and;

3.  Sugar Labs system administration time is minimised.

Deprecating the Sugar desktop Social Help feature means creating a
feature request for Sugar that reverses the effects of the original
feature request; the one that added Social Help.  It means engaging
with the maintainers and developers of Sugar.  You've got Python
skills already, so you should not have much difficulty finding the
code to be removed.

James Cameron

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