[Sugar-devel] [IAEP] Madagascar efforts of OLPC-FR, recently reported in English

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Mar 21 04:40:10 EDT 2018

Yes, it is a bit sad.  A sign of the decline in collective action.

On the one hand, there are so few developers willing to do educational
development or mentoring.  Walter and Devin seem the most active in
that.  Most of my time is spent keeping Sugar working.  Bailing out
the leaking dinghy.

On the other hand, Sugar Labs has been captured by participants of
past GCI and GSoC events; and is attracting mentors and participants
who don't have much awareness of the history of Sugar.  The attraction
is both reputational and monetary.

Many of the GSoC ideas seem weakly connected to the mission and have
dubious justification.

But still, something useful may arise, and I'll be concentrating my
attention on the projects that keep Sugar working.

James Cameron

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