[Sugar-devel] Introduction and review request of GSoC Proposal:

Rudra Sadhu rdrsadhu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 16:07:08 EDT 2018

Hello everyone!
My name is Rudra Sadhu,
and this is my first email to the sugar-developer mailing list.

I've been learning about the Sugar Labs community since the past one month.
lurking in IRC channels, using the sugar desktop environment, reading
mailing-list archives, exploring different parts of the wiki and codebase,
to better understand this community.

Application window for GSoC 2018 has opened and I'm interested to work with
Sugar Labs this summer.
For the project: 'Migration of wiki activity pages to git'
I've drafted a well thought implementation workflow, with all necessary
Please find the proposal at

I would love to discuss a lot more about different aspects of the proposal
in detail.
Let me know of everything you feel about the proposal, pointers on how it
could be improved and please point out any mistakes you find.

Your review and valuable feedback is important for the success of this

Rudra Sadhu
email : rdrsadhu at gmail.com
IRC : rdrsadhu
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