[Sugar-devel] Python 3 port - How to test Sugar desktop module builds

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Feb 28 21:17:03 EST 2018

As part of the Python 3 port, developers need to ensure their changes
do not break the module build.

While it is possible to test the module build using the usual autogen,
make, and make install steps, as defined in the GNU Coding Standards,
these are not the most common use case.

Instead, most use of Sugar desktop modules is via the Linux
distributions such as Fedora and Debian.  It would be good not to
break the build for these distributions.

So to help with testing of Debian or Ubuntu build of the Sugar desktop
modules, I've prepared a worked example using the sugar-artwork


At the moment, most of our new developers are using Debian derived

If anyone can write up enough Fedora packaging for this testing (not
the whole of Fedora packaging), please do so.

James Cameron

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