[Sugar-devel] Involving InGSoC 2018

Michaël Ohayon mohayon75 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 07:34:58 EST 2018

Hello Danishka !

> I am interested in working on the task of "Sugarizer School Box".
> I choose this task as I am really interested in RPi based deployments as well as I am from DevOps background with AWS experience.

Nice ! Do you have questions regarding the project ?

The project is about a flashable distribution image for RPi but also a second task to simplify the way to deploy Sugarizer in the cloud.

For the deployment part we have two options that could be nice to have.
- a really simple automation like heroku single click deploy (https://blog.heroku.com/heroku-button <https://blog.heroku.com/heroku-button>). This is the killer feature we should definitely have.
- the devops way using tools like Ansible and Terraform and Packer.

One major thing for all platforms is to think about the upgrade processes, how can we update the devices/server without loosing data.

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