[Sugar-devel] Regarding GSOC 2018

Siddharth Sharma ssiddharth2010 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 13:30:36 EST 2018

Hi everyone!
I am Siddharth, a sophomore at IIT Guwahati from India. I was having a look
at the gsoc ideas page and found the first idea (regarding migration of
wiki idea pages to git) quite interesting. However, I had some doubts
regarding the idea.

Basically there are three ways in which I think this is possible:

1. manually convert each file from mediawiki markup to markdown
2. use an engine that converts each file from  mediawiki markup to markdown
(something like pandoc https://pandoc.org/ ), and then make a software to
crawl and convert each page from the activity wiki to markdown
3. first convert the all the pages to markdown an then (using converters
like pandoc,jekyll etc) find a way, so that instead of uploading an html
page, we only upload the markdown file to the repo, and a link is
automatically added to the wiki. when the user opens its corresponding page
in the wiki, the markdown file gets converted (internally) to a markup
format and the webpage gets displayed.

I found the third idea really exciting. I was wondering if you could please
explain which of these would you like, and also give me some input
regarding how i can improve upon this idea.

Thanks a lot!

Siddharth Sharma
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