[Sugar-devel] For those interested in helping with Music Blocks | Goals and Timeline

Devin Ulibarri devin at ulibarri.website
Sun Feb 4 07:26:00 EST 2018

Calling all interested in helping with Music Blocks

There are some high priority phases in the next few months. For those
interested in contributing to Music Blocks[1], please read the following
as it details our current goals.

[1] Music Blocks may be tested at
http://walterbender.github.io/musicblocks/ and the latest code may be
found at https://github.com/walterbender/musicblocks/

Timeline Overview

February -- MAJOR Month of Finding and Squashing Bugs!
Feb/March -- Updates to the interactive guide
April/May -- Final review and prep for GSoC


Bugs are places where the program does not behave in the way expected.
Bugs are /not/ new features. For February, we value locating, analyzing,
and solving bugs over new ideas. Please report bugs to


In my mind, the bugs that we should fix are:
* Anything related to block movement and how they appear on the screen
* Bugs related to block combination--even unexpected block combination
(i.e. are there any error messages that we are missing? And unexpected
results from strange block combinations)
* Any bugs found in the widgets, which are not very well tested at this
point (the widgets themselves as well as how their unique blocks behave
when mixed with other blocks)

Some Links

(we need more bugs reported as we know more exist--here are some that
are up already)

Some UI things: https://github.com/walterbender/musicblocks/issues/1009
and https://github.com/walterbender/musicblocks/issues/374
Box: https://github.com/walterbender/musicblocks/issues/695
Widgets: https://github.com/walterbender/musicblocks/issues?q=is%3Aissue
+is%3Aopen+widget+label%3Awidget (we need more testing for widgets; I
can help)
Languages: https://github.com/walterbender/musicblocks/issues/1011

As always, we appreciate all the time and effort that everyone is
putting in! Every bit of assistance is cherished and appreciated. :)

Thank you!

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