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Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Sat Feb 3 16:17:49 EST 2018

If you haven't already, can you also post it here?


On Feb 3, 2018 7:23 AM, "Jaskirat Singh" <juskirat2000 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello ,
> I am Jaskirat Singh, SL community member.
> Seeking towards Sugar labs Goals 2018 Well, it will be good to have a
> program like  showcase Schools , that means we could make an event or
> program named as SHOWCASE SUGAR LABS SCHOOLS in which our marketing team
> should get involved and  target schools , and other educational centers ,
> conducting seminars and guiding teachers, getting introduced about the
> Sugar labs and how it can be beneficial to them . We could have some type
> of achievements in that so that if a particular school satisfy that
> criteria will be given a title of SL authorized labs .
> Moreover for this we can conduct online competitions . Because as far i
> have observed is that schools involve only when they are benefitted in some
> way . So it is also necessary to conduct some programs competitions
> ....then only we will be able to promote and spread SL across the globe
> ...!
> So for this  The schools which will become SL showcase schools ,will have
> those seminars and also later we can make STUDENT EXPERTS in those
> particular schools so that those students after going through all the
> things in SL will conduct seminars and all other events and teach others
> about the things like activities ( music blocks ,turtle, etc) and when they
> will tell about this to others then they will seek more users.
> But as far i know that this could only be possible if we develop some
> program and allow more school comp department teachers to compete in those
> ( by documentation work that they have to pick an activity or something
> related to sugar,  use sugar things ,and develop something with help of
> those resources and then send to us ...so will go through it and select the
> work according to it we can select schools for showcase and also these type
> of schools can be given some type of rewards ) i think it will be good to
> outreach ...! And yes will be interested too also for this we can go for
> special website named as education center for it where users can have
> different courses for it and go through it. Even i have started to get SL
> introduced in nearby schools.
> I hope this idea would work and please feel free to talk about these for
> suggestions as well as opinions
> Thanks
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