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Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2018 at 11:56
Subject: Website Update for a/b testing
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As regards the a/b testing we want to run on our website, we resorted to
making little changes and adjustments to the current site content wise.
Attached to this mail is a link to a mock
little design changes made(was trying so hard not to make drastic changes).

somethings I changed:
* the search bar, I had to improve the current one such that on click you
get search suggestions, which gives you this homely feel (search
suggestions are based on keywords and based on history searches for old
* I took off the subscribe for newsletter section as that aspect is
currently inactive, can be back when we start sending out news letters
* I added a promotional video option in the about us page
* Made a little readjustments too on the positions of some content for easy
* Added a section that displays other products we have like Primero,
Sugarizer etc.
Apart from these changes every other thing remains to the same for now

Attached along with the prototype
is an image of one section, the plan there is that it should hover as one
clicks on the different rectangular placeholders.

it's open for reviews, critics and content addition or subtraction.

once we come to a conclusion development will start with Samson heading it.

In previous conversations with Alex, he was able to get out the statistics
of the visitors we have on our current site and the time period to which
they spent on the site, we're hoping this variation will increase the
figures. After development we'd run testing on this too.

Your inputs are very important.

*Peace Ojemeh*(Perrie)
*Twitter:* https://twitter.com/Peace_Ojemeh
*Email:* perriefidelis at gmail.com
           peaceojemeh at sugarlabs.org

*Peace Ojemeh*(Perrie)
*Twitter:* https://twitter.com/Peace_Ojemeh
*Email:* perriefidelis at gmail.com
           peaceojemeh at sugarlabs.org
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