[Sugar-devel] GCI plan for chatbot functionality and updating website to bootstrap v4.1.x

Amaan Iqbal amaaniqbal2786 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 02:59:50 EST 2018

Here I am referring to a chatbot functionality for our website and not of a
personal chatbot for someone which can be made to learn in different ways
depending upon the user. If it's brought to the website directly, it may be
trained by some user in an abusive manner which we don't want.

Currently, the chatbot will only guide users in appropriate directions to
serve the purpose of visitor due to which they are visiting our website.
And it won't talk like a real-life bot.


On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 8:03 AM Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net> wrote:

> Hi Amaan
> You are, of course, aware that a chatbot capability is offered by the
> Speak Activity based on Alice. Alice can be 'taught' so that its dialogs
> can be improved. With a simple modification, it can be made to respond by
> default: 'I don't know'. to a question such as 'What is the third planet?'
> to which the user responds: 'The third planet is Mars' would become the
> bots answer to that question. It would be a simple change to add multiple
> chatbots so that a user could build their own.
> Naturally, this approach has the benefit of 'low entry' and 'no ceiling'
> to which we aspire in enabling our learners to learn and to learn how to
> learn.
> Tony
> On 12/2/18 12:10 PM, Amaan Iqbal wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am attaching the plans which our GCI students have created for having a
> chatbot functionality on our website and for updating our website to
> Bootstrap 4.1 which will result in removal of dependency on some plugins
> like owl-carousel and many other custom stylings.
> Please find the links below. Any reviews would be appreciated.
> Plan for Chatbot functionality
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p4nw0D-oomE7Jrze67kXAyEEUfINlpIKuoSFU8rimQk/edit#heading=h.fnvfgb36iyez>
> Plan for updating the website to bootstrap 4.1.x
> <https://storage.googleapis.com/codein-prod.appspot.com/gci-2018/core_taskupdate/doc/4657339716075520_1542461902_plan.pdf?Expires=1543838895&GoogleAccessId=codein-prod%40appspot.gserviceaccount.com&Signature=huyqIyR0P78oO4JOYt%2BuRhW08LqzCmG8gibMyurQYjHjv8tNnT%2F3%2FzSd53wx03axoYbx%2BbZNOwJm0ED3Nkqy%2FZiUMOm%2FkqAH%2BMedXTTCKb0C%2BdeXA6RDo3nqj6UY7dwbtiTJtNQf3o3WReA3ix8Yd9bX6k1Zxz6WAHQLM6HEgc1kSpNtEQnQDqwi82KfX57WWfdFmdBap4s2mcPOD5WA05VMqe9VWREn5B88KPENXqF4parH1TcsWWR%2B%2FfYlFaWQTNdtooub%2FEXZWWWu4cabA7mUQIBrsJPAYw5znZ1dpt8BmWMYOi3GksqYip3J7x%2BJLUfmYfB8auL9Qz4eO6uM0w%3D%3D>
> Regards,
> Amaan
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