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Note that everything is pushed ahead by 1 month.
Any interest in participating this year?


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Subject: [GCI-mentors] GCI 2018 org applications open September 6-17 -
contest begins October 23rd for students
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Hello GCI mentors,

We are pleased to announce Google Code-in (GCI) 2018 <http://g.co/gci>, the
9th consecutive year of our contest for pre-university students ages
13-17. Please
be aware GCI will start about a month earlier this year than in previous
years - the contest starts for students October 23rd!

The GCI timeline, FAQs, Rules and flyers have been updated on the contest
site <http://g.co/gci>.

Organizations -- If you would like to apply for the 2018 program please
start thinking about the tasks you would like students to work on and reach
out to your community members to ask if they would like to be mentors for
the program. *Organization applications open for GCI orgs *next week on
Thursday, September 6th, and close less than 2 weeks later on Monday,
September 17th. We will announce organizations on Tuesday, September 18th
giving orgs 5 weeks to create their tasks before the contest begins on
October 23rd.

The major changes for GCI 2018 are:


   Orgs will evaluate the 20 students completing the most tasks with their
   org when deciding on finalists and winners

   Orgs will choose 6 finalists (instead of 5)

   We have renamed the User Interface category to Design

   Students will have to wait until Google reviews their Parental Consent
   form before they can claim their first task. This will slow things down but
   it is a requirement to be able to continue the program.

   No tasks asking for personal information about students will be allowed
   (this includes tasks asking for students to introduce themselves with info
   like what country they are from, or photos of the students, etc.).

We are looking to continue the growth of this program and reach a record
number of teenagers this year! Read more on today’s blog post

If you have any questions about Google Code-in please contact us at
gci-support at google.com


Stephanie and Mary

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Walter Bender
Sugar Labs
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