[Sugar-devel] Development Team Meeting, 28th August 10PM UTC

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Aug 29 02:05:42 EDT 2018


Thanks for asking.  I didn't think anybody was reading the minutes I
was writing, as there were few replies.

Our [meeting robot](http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/) is unavailable due
to registration controls added to avoid automated attacks on the
freenode network.

But I do have a channel log of the meeting, see below "----".

Development that I'm doing recently is mostly maintenance, due to
changing APIs on which Sugar depends;

- port to GTK+ 3,

- port from GObject to GLib,

- port to TelepathyGLib,

- port from GStreamer Gst.Message.structure to get_structure(),

- port from GConf to Gio.Settings

- port to Python 3 via Six,

You can view pull requests in GitHub.  Many available for review.

I've not seen you before; welcome.  See also [How to get started as a
Sugar Labs developer](http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/sugar-devel/2018-July/055562.html)


[08:00:07] --> Ibiam (c5d23538 at gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #sugar-meeting
[08:00:21] <Quozl> okay.  imagine a #startmeeting, though we have no 'bot.
[08:00:52] <Ibiam> Hi Quozl
[08:00:57] <Quozl> g'day.
[08:02:40] <walterbender> hi Ibiam
[08:03:02] <Quozl> i've been working on read, record, collabwrapper, portfolio; building ubuntu 18.04 images with sugar, and guiding a volunteer who hasn't wished to be public.
[08:03:13] <Ibiam> Hi walterbender
[08:03:41] -*- walterbender has been working on some major overhauls to Music Blocks for Jaoan
[08:04:13] <Ibiam> I've worked on write activity
[08:04:19] <walterbender> new palettes; collapsible note blocks, etc.
[08:04:38] <Ibiam> Porting to sugar3.speech
[08:04:48] <walterbender> nice
[08:05:08] <Ibiam> Thanks
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[08:07:36] <Quozl> it's been a while since our last meeting, so i'll also mention that i've fixed activities.sugarlabs.org a couple of times and now have a python requests script i use to upload new bundles, so my release process is slightly easier.
[08:08:17] <Ibiam_> Thanks Quozl for the fixes
[08:09:32] <Quozl> i'll be rebooting activities.sugarlabs.org shortly because of a kernel security update; it runs ubuntu trusty 14.04.
[08:09:51] <-- Ibiam (c5d23538 at gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[08:09:58] <Quozl> justivce and freedom were upgraded to 18.04 over the weekend by bernie.
[08:10:04] <walterbender> yes...
[08:10:24] <Quozl> i didn't see any summary of that work, i went and checked.  ;-)
[08:10:50] <walterbender> I only saw the banter on hangouts
[08:10:59] <Quozl> oh, neat.
[08:11:20] <Quozl> rebooting activities.sugarlabs.org now.
[08:11:57] <Quozl> Ibiam_: i've eight or nine pull requests waiting for review, in case you're interested.
[08:13:20] --> Ibiam (c5d2356f at gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #sugar-meeting
[08:13:29] <Quozl> Ibiam: i've eight or nine pull requests waiting for review, in case you're interested.
[08:13:41] <Quozl> walterbender: i've nothing further to discuss for this meeting.
[08:13:50] <Ibiam> Quozl I'm interested, assign me to them
[08:14:25] <Ibiam> Quozl aslo running on ubuntu 14 trusty is it because of OLPC
[08:14:33] <Quozl> Ibiam: no.
[08:14:42] <Ibiam> Or should I say XO's
[08:14:48] <-- Ibiam_ (c5d234ca at gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[08:14:50] <Quozl> Ibiam: no, it's not because of that.
[08:15:11] <Ibiam> Why if I may ask
[08:15:49] <Quozl> Ibiam: since we lost previous maintainers of aslo, i don't have a reason why it is running on ubuntu 14.04 trusty.  most likely just never upgraded, as trusty is still supported for a while longer.
[08:16:23] <Ibiam> Okay
[08:16:42] <Quozl> Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS end of life date is April 2019.
[08:17:07] <Ibiam> Hopefully we get someone to upgrade
[08:17:11] <Quozl> It went for several months without PHP security updates applied though, because of losing previous maintainers.
[08:17:31] <Quozl> Ibiam: not likely to find someone to spend that time when we keep talking about replacing it; v2, v3, whatever comes next.
[08:17:40] <Ibiam> Will Bernie help out since he's available at the moment
[08:17:52] <Ibiam> Quozl, right
[08:18:32] <Ibiam> Quozl I know a plan is ongoing for v3 but haven't heard much
[08:19:31] <Quozl> Ibiam: my guess is we've lost anyone who wants a v3, so i'll not push it, but keep v1 working.
[08:19:45] <Quozl> aslo is back up after reboot.
[08:19:50] --> Ibiam_ (c5d2343f at gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #sugar-meeting
[08:20:44] <Quozl> okay to wrap up the meeting?  Ibiam.  walterbender.
[08:20:58] <Ibiam_> Quozl, one last thing
[08:21:02] <Quozl> Ibiam: go ahead.
[08:21:20] <Ibiam_> How has SL handled their currency assurance policy in the past
[08:21:31] <Ibiam_> Any ideas
[08:21:37] <Quozl> Ibiam: what is a currency assurance policy?
[08:21:43] <Ibiam_> As to updating the membership list
[08:22:13] <Ibiam_> Quozl, in simple terms keeping members list up to date
[08:22:23] <walterbender> Ibiam_, I don't understand...
[08:22:25] <Ibiam_> A check is done once a year
[08:22:37] <Quozl> From memory, someone would run a script to send a series of mails to the members one by one asking for them to confirm they wish to remain members.
[08:22:52] <walterbender> why?
[08:23:03] <-- Ibiam (c5d2356f at gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[08:23:21] <Ibiam_> walterbender, I was thinking of what i said last during our last discussion
[08:23:41] <Ibiam_> Quozl, any idea where this script might be
[08:23:51] <walterbender> I think we want to find new members, not get rid of existing members.
[08:24:58] <Ibiam_> walterbender, I'll do as you said earlier
[08:25:10] <Ibiam_> I'm talking about reaching to old members
[08:25:27] <Quozl> Ibiam_: i'm not sure the currency assurance policy on the wiki was ever approved by SLOBs, i think it was an idea within the membership and elections committee.
[08:25:51] <Quozl> https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Members#Currency_assurance_policy
[08:26:14] <Ibiam_> Quozl: I thought it was
[08:26:26] <Ibiam_> And it's a great idea too
[08:26:55] <walterbender> I am curious about the origins of that policy. I think it is make work at best.
[08:26:58] <Quozl> Ibiam_: reaching old members is best done by personal approach to people known to you.  an impersonal approach by bulk mail would not work very well; and would irritate some people.
[08:28:08] <Ibiam_> Quozl: I think if I sent emails to everyone separately as opposed to bulk emails, might help
[08:28:58] <Quozl> walterbender: the currency assurance policy was added by luke faraone on 5th september 2009.
[08:29:53] <Quozl> my opinion is that the currency assurance policy doesn't do anything useful; time would be better spent on making sugar better.
[08:30:25] <Quozl> but if you can find someone who can't make sugar better, but who wants to help, they could be given that as a task to keep them happy.
[08:30:49] <walterbender> Quozl, I agree.
[08:30:54] <Quozl> i'd be more inclined to figure out how to make such a person make sugar better, e.g. by testing sugar.
[08:30:56] <walterbender> Yes. It was added by Luke
[08:30:59] <Ibiam_> Quozl: agreed
[08:31:12] <walterbender> but it was never something that SLOB asked for, as far as I know.
[08:31:29] <Quozl> as with many things on the wiki, it was probably proposed for discussion and never got any.
[08:31:32] <Ibiam_> walterbender: should I take it out then
[08:31:36] <walterbender> I think I will ask that that be removed at the next meeting.
[08:31:46] <walterbender> I don't want to do it unilaterally.
[08:32:04] <Ibiam_> walterbender: sounds great
[08:32:10] <walterbender> But I would rather effort went into finding more/new help than culling lists.
[08:32:46] <walterbender> Maybe a note to existing members to remind them we are still here :) and still looking for contributions.
[08:33:03] <Ibiam_> walterbender; I'll send emails to gsoc participants asking if they'll love to be members
[08:33:08] <walterbender> +1
[08:33:25] <Quozl> maybe a list of things we need help with; testing sugar, pull request reviews, porting to python3, etc.
[08:33:37] <Quozl> see the github projects link on sugarlabs/
[08:34:11] <Ibiam_> +1
[08:34:26] <satellit> walterbender: do I get a e-mail to see if I want to continue  I confirm here that I do
[08:34:44] <Quozl> satellit: we're proposing that we don't do that any more.
[08:34:51] <satellit> +1
[08:35:40] <Quozl> has anyone got anything further to discuss for this meeting?  i'm thinking of breakfast.
[08:35:49] <eohomegrownapps> hi
[08:35:53] <eohomegrownapps> just one quick thing: walterbender, do you know if/when you need the MB lilypond server set up (as school resumes in just over a week)?
[08:38:17] <walterbender> eohomegrownapps, not until December...
[08:38:29] <walterbender> eohomegrownapps, I didn't get a chance to go over that with Bernie
[08:39:10] <eohomegrownapps> oh ok
[08:40:41] <eohomegrownapps> (speaking of December, is SL doing GCI this year?)
[08:41:26] <eohomegrownapps> I know the Japan deployment in December might potentially complicate matters
[08:47:19] <Ibiam_> Quozl, walterbender: I have nothing else to say
[08:47:27] <Quozl> Ibiam_: me either.
[08:47:59] <walterbender> nor do I
[08:48:04] <Quozl> (but i'm a bit curious about GCI, and had presumed "yes")
[08:48:19] <Ibiam_> Quozl, me too
[08:48:21] <walterbender> I have not heard any announcement yet from Google
[08:48:33] <Quozl> and then SLOBs have to decide.
[08:49:01] <Ibiam_> They'll definitely go for it
[08:49:01] <walterbender> eohomegrownapps, I think GCI is early this year... Oct - Dec.
[08:49:10] <walterbender> and Japan is late December
[08:49:38] <walterbender> but I don't know for sure
[08:49:53] <Ibiam_> walterbender: you're initiating a Japan deployment in December?
[08:49:55] <eohomegrownapps> oh... so they did change the dates?
[08:59:21] <-- Ibiam_ (c5d2343f at gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[09:05:18] <walterbender> sorry. I had my head in some code
[09:05:28] <walterbender> eohomegrownapps, I don't know if they changed the dates
[09:14:01] <Quozl> i declare the meeting over, /me heads back to code.
[11:24:08] <-- walterbender (~walter at has quit (Quit: Leaving)

On Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 10:49:49AM +0530, Sudhamshu M Hosamane wrote:
> Hello.
> May I know if there's a minutes of the meeting of sorts for the discussions you
> have. 
> Also may I know the broad areas of development one can contribute to, and how
> one can get started with the same.
> Thanks
> On Tue, Aug 28, 2018 at 6:26 AM James Cameron <[1]quozl at laptop.org> wrote:
>     Developers are invited to attend the next team meeting, on;
>     - Tuesday 28th August at 6pm US/Eastern,
>     - Tuesday 28th August at 10pm UTC,
>     - Wednesday 29th August at 3:30am IST,
>     - Wednesday 29th August at 8am Australia/Sydney,
>     Agenda to include
>     - what we have been working on,
>     #sugar-meeting [2]irc.freenode.net
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>     James Cameron
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