[Sugar-devel] On being bullied and harassed

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Sep 22 18:42:47 EDT 2017

Yesterday after our design meeting, and nearly in tears, I spoke at
length, in person, with my supervisor in another organisation.  He has
great understanding of psychology and human behaviour, as part of his

He helped me see how people are being bullied and harassed, and feel
uncomfortable and threatened.

He gave an example of how he had been bullied in the past few days, by
someone who was sending many messages to everyone in a community he
was part of.  He said that for him, once he revealed his feelings,
calm resumed.

So I'll try that.

Laura and Sebastian, by your rate of posting and Wiki editing, by your
use of many paths to achieve your goals; I'm feeling bullied,
harassed, uncomfortable and threatened.

In private messages with me, five (5) others also feel this.

You risk harming us as a community, because; even if you did not
intend this; we feel hurt.

Thanks for listening.

(In reply to an abuse report, GitHub support suggested it was a
dispute between contractors, which is one way to look at it;
competitive behaviour, acquisition of mind share.  My work for OLPC
could be seen in that framing, but to me it is human rights and global
mission focused.  I'll let the community discern my motivations based
on my actions.  Cooperation should have a higher reward than

James Cameron

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