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Laura Vargas laura at somosazucar.org
Fri Sep 15 16:39:30 EDT 2017

Walter,  Adam,

Am confused here. Why did we not need a motion to make the question to Tony
in the first place?

Can you please clarify.

Procedure Note: In my opinion such legal related motions should be
translated to Sugar Labs main users language: Spanish. This takes time but
needs to be done so that real Sugar users can understand what the Oversight
is requesting.


2017-09-15 15:26 GMT-05:00 Martin Dengler <martin at martindengler.com>:

> > On 15 Sep 2017, at 14:13, Lionel Laské <lionel.laske at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> > +1 for the motion.
> >
> > @Martin, thanks to wait for all votes or at least the end of voting
> delay.
> Sure Lionel - what is the voting delay? I actually was waiting but the
> wiki had been updated already (not by me) so I figured as the wiki had been
> updated and the outcome was not in doubt it was ok to summarize it in an
> email. I agree the delay should govern in the future.
> >           Lionel.
> Martin
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