[Sugar-devel] Migration from bugs.sugarlabs.org to Github

Utkarsh Tiwari iamutkarshtiwari at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 04:10:00 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

While going through https://bugs.sugarlabs.org today, I came across a lot
of tickets that were raised quite a long time back ( > 2 years). I was
wondering if we could do a GCI task of raising those tickets into their
respective Github respositories which can accelerate the  rate at which our
tickets get resolved.

This way newcomers while going through the SugarLabs repositories will be
able to easily spot the issues regarding the specific repo they are
watching. As not everyone is aware of our bugzilla, this could be a nice
alternative to catching contributor's attention to raised tickets. What do
you all think?

Utkarsh Tiwari
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