[Sugar-devel] logo dicussion

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Wed Sep 13 22:38:14 EDT 2017

On 13/09/17 20:22, Martin Abente wrote:
>     The proposed feet logo is likely a violation of the GNOME
>     Foundation trademark, more info on their site [3].
> If the feet logo could be a violation of the GNOME trademark, then
> lets revert it, until a proper replacement is found (and if its really
> needed, of course).
> https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-artwork/pull/97

How would it be a violation? It is not a derived work. It doesn't even
look similar. Plus Sugar users have two feet, as most humans do.
GNOME foot icon looks like a "G". The Sugar feet logo is my creation*
and each foot has five toes instead of four.

I have seen that you and Ignacio have reverted my change.

/Have you determined that we have written permission to use this image?//
//Have you determined that our downstream distributor, and users, have
permission to use this image?//
//Have you determined that our downstream distributors, and users can
modify this icon in accordance to our Acceptable License Policy?//
/Also, are you aware of the SFC-Sugar Labs Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement,
which, is a contract that I signed when I was a SLOBs in 2011?/

This contract binds Sugar Labs, and, specifically, me, to make sure
Sugar Labs distributes only Free Software. If the XO logo icon can be
used "under certain circumstances" then it's not free as in Libre and we
- I - would be in breach of this contract. Therefore it is my right to
request Sugar Labs to make sure the above questions are answered
affirmatively before I can accept to distribute Sugar with this icon or
subject our distributors or users to risk of being bullied by a
copyright owner.

While I agree the way I did it was counter to Sugar Labs standard
development procedures, we know it could take years for a patch to be
merged since nobody has the motivation for doing it. I anticipated it
would be unpopular but I'm sorry, I feel it's necessary. I have brought
this topic up for years and after this time I feel I have earned the
right to act the way I feel is in the best interest of Sugar.

I will therefore make the corresponding pull request to set the record
straight again.

If this will have the positive impact of jolting some energy into this
community, then I'm all the more happy for it.

Thank you.


* "Sugar Feet Logo" is a derived work by Sebastian Silva based on "Foot
Prints" Abdo from the Noun Project which is licensed CC-BY 3.0
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