[Sugar-devel] Sugar Labs 2017-2019 Oversight Board Election Results

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Oct 16 21:46:07 EDT 2017

On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 01:26:00AM +0000, Devin Ulibarri wrote:
> James Cameron:
> > Thanks, but it doesn't have to be in your spam folder for it to
> > have been filtered.  Filtering happens at multiple points, not
> > only your mail hosting provider.  My guess is that it was filtered
> > before reaching your provider.
> Thanks for the tip.
> My "provider" is the server that I have hosted through NameCheap and I
> can see all the mail that has gone through it as well as the logs and
> the config files on the server as well.
> I looked around for something suspicious on the server's file systems
> and have yet to come up with something. I will let you know if/when
> I do.

Check for a greylisting configuration.  That's our main line of
defence at laptop.org, and it is a common method for filtering.

The RFC822 headers of received mail can help identify the responsible

However, someone would have to share one of their ballot messages here
in full before we had a list of hosts to consider as potential filters
for the ballot message to you.

Seems impractical to resolve in this way.  ;-)

James Cameron

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