[Sugar-devel] Sugar Labs 2017-2019 Oversight Board Election Results

Devin Ulibarri devin at ulibarri.website
Mon Oct 16 20:55:00 EDT 2017

Samson Goddy:
> Sorry, if you didn't get any ballot. But i am unsure what went wrong
> because i am certain all mails was sent.

I do not see it in inbox or spam...

> But my question is, why am i hearing this now? you should have complained
> and i will work with you to figured out what happened. Just like i did with
> some folks who couldn't find the mail.

I thought there would be a message saying "vote in a couple of days"
like what I experience voting in my city. People from the city put up
signs on the street to inform the public.

Well, I know the system now and will write down the timeframe and ask
if/when I suspect that I should have received an email but did not.

I mention all of this because another person mentioned they also did not
receive it. That made me wonder how many people were affected by this

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