[Sugar-devel] Sugar Labs 2017-2019 Oversight Board Election Results

Devin Ulibarri devin at ulibarri.website
Mon Oct 16 20:50:00 EDT 2017

James Cameron:
> I've checked, and both Devin and Thomas are on the list of members.
> The ballot was sent by mail.
> We should all know that mail is unreliable because of spam filtering.

It is not in my spam.

> Mail about how to vote was posted to iaep@ mailing list.  Not all
> members are subscribed there.

I am not subscribed there.

What does iaep stand for, BTW?

> Walter posted a reminder for you to check for your ballot, to
> sugar-devel@ in the Sugar Digest on 10th October.

I did not check the sugar digest, but I do see the email titled
"[Sugar-devel] Sugar Digest 2017-10-10" and I do see that Walter
mentioned it.

> Devin, Thomas, it looks like almost everything reasonable was done to
> ensure you could vote, but you didn't get the mails, and you didn't
> follow up.

I admit that there are things I could have done to find the information

> Now that you know you are missing mails on sugar-devel@, please use
> the archives to check what you have missed.

I read the emails with titles that interest me, b/c I get a lot of
emails and have chosen to just read a subset of them.

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