[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Sugar Live Build 20171009 with Sugar 0.112 for i386

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Oct 8 20:10:23 EDT 2017

Announcing another release of Sugar Live Build containing Sugar
0.112 and the Fructose activity set.  It can be used for testing Sugar
quickly and easily.

1.  can be booted from hard drive, flash drive, and optical media,
automatically starting Sugar without persistence,

2.  can be installed as a virtual machine, with persistence and
password protection,

3.  contains a special libabiword-3.0 to fix a flickering Write
activity (#4915), thanks to Simon Quigley (Ubuntu #1574278),

4.  is based on the Debian 9 Stretch Live Build, but does not contain
EFI Secure Boot support or encumbered firmware,

5.  for developers, contains all build dependencies, configured source
trees (git clones in /usr/src), and binaries (make install) for the
Sugar 0.112 Sucrose modules and the Fructose activity set, making it
easy to use for GCI or GSoC tasks.

Download from http://people.sugarlabs.org/~quozl/sugar-live-build-20171009/

James Cameron
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