[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Browse-201.3

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Nov 2 19:39:49 EDT 2017

A new release of Browse is available, with changes;


* Fix entry selection window up and down arrow keys (James Cameron),
* Fix View Source feature, port source for WebKit2, fixes #57 (James Cameron),
* Speed up download progress, removing unused code, (James Cameron),
* Fix incomplete plurals expressions in translations (James Cameron).
* Updated translations (Chris Leonard et al),


* Fix busy cursor on old toolkit versions (James Cameron),


* Avoid conflict with new Save-As feature in 0.111 toolkit (Utkarsh Tiwari),
* Remove unnecessary log warnings and messages (James Cameron),
* Use new toolkit methods for cursor changes (James Cameron),
* No disk-space canceled alert used wrong callback (James Cameron),
* Fix warning on download user cancel (James Cameron),
* Open with an activity if possible #4981 (Gonzalo Odiard, Sam Parkinson),
* Updated translations (Chris Leonard et al),


Note: Browse-157.4 is the latest release for use with Fedora 18.


James Cameron

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