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Tony Anderson tony at olenepal.org
Mon May 29 09:43:54 EDT 2017

Hi, Sanjay

I think that attending the Monday IRC meetings and keeping sugar-devel 
in the thread is enough. Clearly, the goal is to get you coding.

I think your goal should be a prototype of one game. Let's try to have 
it ready for the IRC meeting on June 12.

I would prefer to minimize the external software dependencies. Write the 
code directly in javascript, html5, and css. The advanced tools are good 
once you have experience in developing without them. Then you can see 
what the benefits are and how to use them. Using tools like jekyll, 
sass, and gulp-npm adds a number of layers of complexity. The idea of an 
activity is that the user can look at and modify the source code 
directly from the bundle. Phaser is ok because it provides a framework 
to build your activity.


On 05/29/2017 11:40 AM, Sanjay Kumar wrote:
> Hello,
> Learning to use Phaser is going well. I played around with few 
> tutorials there. I have also posted my first blog. Will update on the 
> Phaser learning as a post soon. For the development purposes, I 
> learned about npm, gulp and other similar things and attempted to work 
> on setting up a project repository as a learning trail with Phaser + 
> ES6 + Babel + Gulp. If this combination looks good, I shall make this 
> one-time setup properly and start building on it so that we can 
> overcome many repetitive tasks.
> Kindly let me know if I am going right.
> I have a query, Do we need to mark a copy of all our conversation to 
> Walter/mailing list? Please let me know and I shall follow them from 
> now on.
> Thanks,
> Sanjay
> On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 1:29 PM, Tony Anderson <tony at olenepal.org 
> <mailto:tony at olenepal.org>> wrote:
>     This may be a duplicate. The copy to Walter bounced since I used
>     usa.net <http://usa.net>.
>     Hi, Sanjay
>     Using phaser seems appropriate.
>     The documentation mentions the problem with cross-domain
>     references. I would recommend the SimpleHttpServer option to deal
>     with this in development.
>     Your first step may be to develop a 'hello world' game as a proof
>     of concept.
>     Tony
>     On 05/23/2017 12:22 PM, Sanjay Kumar wrote:
>>     Sure. I have noted it down and will act accordingly.
>>     I have started to work and learn few of the requirements that are
>>     needed to work on the project. I have few queries that I shall
>>     ask you and get clarified.
>>     Thanks,
>>     Sanjay
>>     On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 7:14 AM, Tony Anderson <tony at olenepal.org
>>     <mailto:tony at olenepal.org>> wrote:
>>         Hi, Sanjay
>>         Time to go to work. Glad you joined the meeting last night.
>>         These meetings are a bit difficult to follow because several
>>         mentors are there and pose questions for their mentees
>>         specific to that project.
>>         What you need to do at the meeting is to tell the whole group
>>         where you are in your project. Normally, Walter will ask each
>>         project leader to make a report.
>>         Normally a couple of lines should be enough, e.g. worked on
>>         javascript framework, completed trick 3 see url, worked on
>>         design of next trick, ....
>>         We will be communicating regularly so I shouldn't need to ask
>>         you about project specifics at that meeting.
>>         I assume that the project will done in html and javascript
>>         rather than python
>>         Certainly most of your coding will be done on your computer
>>         locally. However, you should set up a github personal
>>         repository and push after a commit. Many of your commits will
>>         be in the process of development with the result not working.
>>         However, when you make a commit that adds a useful
>>         capability, it should be pushed. Undoubtedly there will be
>>         many files which are images or other assets which should be
>>         in .gitignore. You can use a project page to display the
>>         working version (index.html) so people can see the current
>>         state.
>>         Tony
>>         On 05/19/2017 01:11 AM, Sanjay Kumar wrote:
>>>         Hi,
>>>         I have taken clear note of all your inputs and iterating
>>>         over it. My semester and relocation after that will be done
>>>         by 22nd of May. I shall be able to make steady progress
>>>         after that. Will come up with the action plan and weekly
>>>         deliverables by that time and take your advice.
>>>         Thanks for the detailed reply,
>>>         Sanjay
>>>         On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 3:11 PM, Tony Anderson
>>>         <tony at olenepal.org <mailto:tony at olenepal.org>> wrote:
>>>             Still just thinking out loud:
>>>             1. If possible, doing this project in
>>>             html5/css/javascript without incorporating javascript
>>>             libraries would make it easier for some learners to see
>>>             how you
>>>             did it and perhaps add their own tricks.
>>>             2. It appears there are two parts to the project:
>>>                     * provide a background page
>>>                     * provide the specific 'trick'
>>>             So I think it is not important to specify a number of
>>>             tricks (13, 23, 35, and so on). Once the framework is in
>>>             place, it should be a matter of how much time is
>>>             available. There are no end to these 'tricks'.
>>>             3. Build your project independent of Sugar or Sugarizer.
>>>             Both start activities by displaying the index.html page
>>>             in the root folder. So you can start with
>>>             index.html and call it with a localhost or file:///.
>>>             Your project only depends on Sugar for testing -
>>>             essentially the Browse activity. Aye, there's the rub.
>>>             We are using webkit (with an attempt to move to
>>>             webkit2). So whatever you do must be supported by the
>>>             webkit browse engine.
>>>             4. Don't let your project be dependent on internet
>>>             access - many Sugar users have no internet access.
>>>             5. In your Tux explains screens you show the steps of
>>>             the procedure (the algorithm). We also need an
>>>             explanation of why the trick works in mathematical
>>>             terms. For example, in 'verifying answers' you introduce
>>>             'casting out nines'. This is based on the result being
>>>             the remainder when dividing the number by 9. As a result
>>>             the remainder is a digit 0..8. The verification is based
>>>             on equivalence classes, an operation on the members of
>>>             the set preserve the equivalence class.
>>>             It is a trick I discovered while in school but, of
>>>             course, presented as a trick. It took years to work out
>>>             the mathematical basis:
>>>             132 == 6  but 132 is 1X10x10 + 3X10 + 2 X 1   but 10 has
>>>             the remainder 1 when divided by 9 so in equivalence this
>>>             is 1X1+3X1+2 = 6.
>>>             6. I don't see addition of a column of numbers like a
>>>             store receipt. The techniques usually work by grouping
>>>             numbers and working from left to right instead of the
>>>             traditional algorithms which work from right to left.
>>>             These tricks help learners see numbers as something to
>>>             play with to find a easy sum. Perhaps Tux has too many
>>>             problems on his homework to write them all out and needs
>>>             to do them 'in his head'.
>>>             7. One problem type I really like (very head-scratching)
>>>             is to present an arithmetic problem where various
>>>             numbers have been replaced by symbols (e.g. *). The
>>>             symbol stands for a specific digit. The problem is to
>>>             look at the worked problem and figure out what digits
>>>             the symbols represent. I think this can really help a
>>>             learner dig into what is going on when they are doing
>>>             arithmetic worksheets.
>>>             Tony
>>>             On 05/09/2017 01:08 PM, Sanjay Kumar wrote:
>>>>             Hello,
>>>>             Sorry, I missed the meeting yesterday. Going through
>>>>             the final exams. I have gone through the meeting logs.
>>>>             Things that I need to do for now,
>>>>             1) Confirm on our meeting timings.
>>>>             2) Write a blog about our progress.
>>>>             3) Stay connected with the community.
>>>>             I shall do the last two points, can you please help me
>>>>             with the meeting slots that I need to confirm with you
>>>>             while marking walter a CC ? Since your'e in travel, let
>>>>             me be flexible with your convinient timings.
>>>>             On Saturday, May 6, 2017, Sanjay Kumar
>>>>             <sanjaykumarap18 at gmail.com
>>>>             <mailto:sanjaykumarap18 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>>                 Thank you so much for your email. I am glad that
>>>>                 you liked the idea. At your convenient time, can
>>>>                 you please make some comments on the proposal
>>>>                 document on parts that I need to clarify ? I shall
>>>>                 look into them and make necessary changes in the plan.
>>>>                 I am also excited to get the idea implemented.
>>>>                 Taking your suggestions, I shall setup my dev
>>>>                 environment and play with it for some time this
>>>>                 week to get more familiar with it. I will be having
>>>>                 my semester exams in the coming weeks and will be
>>>>                 able to start working on the project full-time from
>>>>                 the last week of May.
>>>>                 We shall meet in the chat room once you become free
>>>>                 after your travel. Until then, I shall keep
>>>>                 updating you through e-mail. I shall also prepare
>>>>                 to make blog posts once the coding period begins.
>>>>                 Very much excited to work with sugar labs community.
>>>>                 Regards,
>>>>                 Sanjay Kumar.
>>>>                 On Fri, May 5, 2017 at 2:38 PM, Tony Anderson
>>>>                 <tony at olenepal.org <mailto:tony at olenepal.org>> wrote:
>>>>                     Congratulations. I was notified by email that
>>>>                     your proposal was accepted by Sugar Labs.
>>>>                     I have been appointed as your mentor for this
>>>>                     project (that sounds somewhat bureaucratic -
>>>>                     actually I like your proposal very much and
>>>>                     look forward to the opportunity to help you
>>>>                     make it a reality.
>>>>                     Currently I am in the Philippines but will be
>>>>                     moving to Europe for the summer at the end of
>>>>                     May. Since I am traveling the easiest way to
>>>>                     communicate is by email. While traveling I am
>>>>                     moving from one wifi hotspot to another. I
>>>>                     generally see my email every day, but there
>>>>                     will be periods of a few days where internet
>>>>                     access is challenged. One option is to meet in
>>>>                     a chat room. The best choice is
>>>>                     chat.sugarlabs.org <http://chat.sugarlabs.org>
>>>>                     with the room #sugar-newbies. This meeting room
>>>>                     is normally idle but does keep a log of the
>>>>                     meeting to be referred to later. (the chat room
>>>>                     is also available on freenode).
>>>>                     To get to some of the nitty-gritty.
>>>>                     Sugar Labs has activities.sugarlabs.org
>>>>                     <http://activities.sugarlabs.org>, a library of
>>>>                     Sugar activities. Most of these activities were
>>>>                     written in Python. However since Sugar version
>>>>                     0.106, activities can also be written in
>>>>                     html5/css + javascript. I believe you plan to
>>>>                     implement in javascript.
>>>>                     There are two environments for these
>>>>                     activities: Sugar web activities and Sugarizer.
>>>>                     In theory activities which work in Sugarizer
>>>>                     also work in Sugar and vice-versa. In practice,
>>>>                     this needs testing. Specifically, the code
>>>>                     should be hosted on github/sugarlabs (although
>>>>                     during implementation, you can host on your own
>>>>                     personal account and transfer when you consider
>>>>                     it ready). Lionel Laske, the developer of
>>>>                     Sugarizer, is available to help (he is
>>>>                     mentoring another project for Sugar Labs).
>>>>                     It is possible to install Sugar on Ubuntu 14.04
>>>>                     (see http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Ubuntu). I
>>>>                     have used this for deployment last year (this
>>>>                     year 0.110). It works well and my experience on
>>>>                     Ubuntu has been positive. There are a number of
>>>>                     tricks that we will need to discuss (software
>>>>                     not math) as you get into it. In addition,
>>>>                     you can use Sugarizer in one or more of three
>>>>                     modes: online server, local copy of server,
>>>>                     local installation. In each case, the code is
>>>>                     processed by a browser.
>>>>                     One implication of this is that your design
>>>>                     will need to be responsive. While Sugar on the
>>>>                     XO has a fixed screen size of 1200x900, this is
>>>>                     not going to be the case on Android or other
>>>>                     mobile device.
>>>>                     I am looking forward to working with you on
>>>>                     this exciting project.
>>>>                     By the way - my main email address is
>>>>                     tony_anderson at usa.net
>>>>                     <mailto:tony_anderson at usa.net> but I will send
>>>>                     my emails by tony at olenepal.org
>>>>                     <mailto:tony at olenepal.org>. The latter address
>>>>                     is gmail. My regular email has trouble with
>>>>                     gmail. So you can send to either address, but
>>>>                     expect my emails from the latter address.
>>>>                     Tony
>>>>                     Tony

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