[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Browse-201

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon May 29 03:45:17 EDT 2017

A new release of Browse is available, with changes by several

Sam Parkinson

    * Fix typo that broke network error displays,
    * Remove long running timeout used for download progress tool button,
    * Port to CollabWrapper based collaboration,
    * Add extra metadata, needed for AppStream,
    * Adopt improved bookmarks option #2, fixes #4714,
    * Fix missing sugar3.profile import - crashed on bookmark,
    * Use new do_stop api for animation.

Chris Leonard et al

    * New and updated translations,

James Cameron

    * Support for older versions of Gtk+ and WebKit,
    * Update collabwrapper,
    * Interim fix for ctrl+c and ctrl+v in URL entry, #4642 and #4979,
    * Update POTFILE,
    * Update repository URL.

Sebastian Silva

    * Update license,

György Balló

    * Fix error when the backup_url value is None,

Like the previous release, this release of Browse is incompatible
with Fedora 18 based builds such as OLPC OS 13.2.8.


James Cameron
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