[Sugar-devel] ASLO activities with no repository

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed May 24 20:19:53 EDT 2017

Harm is done by creating a repository from a bundle, as I've already

I don't see the point of yet again listing orphans.  It never does any
good.  Better would be to adopt activities and maintain them.

Creating a repository from a bundle is a last step in maintaining an

Please don't do it until you have done the previous steps;

(a) activity testing,

(b) update activity version,

(c) tag activity release,

(d) make a bundle,

(e) upload to ASLO, and

(f) for certain activities upload to download.sugarlabs.org.



On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 06:39:43PM +0800, Tony Anderson wrote:
> You are correct, about 75% of the activities on ASLO have identified
> repositories. Interestingly, there are 250 repositories on git.sugarlabs.org
> which may be activity projects with no corresponding bundle on ASLO. 
> I reviewed the Pootle list yesterday and recorded the url to each repository in
> the spreadsheet.
> So the question is, when to go for the last resort? No harm is done by creating
> a repository from the bundle.
> Since I am traveling in the next two weeks, I doubt there will be time to work
> on this until after that. If the community wishes I can then create a wiki page
> with the list of these orphans. It would be essentially the list of 224 minus
> about 20 where repositories have been identified by you and others.
> Tony
> On 05/24/2017 06:06 PM, Gonzalo Odiard wrote:
>     Most activities certainly had a repository. 
>     I fully agree with creating repositories from bundles only as a last
>     resource.
>     Probably is better create a wiki page based in the  Pootle page and add all
>     the project without a known repository,
>     and other can help to find the most updated repository.
>     Gonzalo
>     On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 6:22 AM, Tony Anderson <[1]tony_anderson at usa.net>
>     wrote:
>         You repeat that a repository exists before an activity bundle. I have
>         listed 200 activities (about 25%) of the activities
>         on ASLO that probably do not have one. Further, if the repository
>         cannot be found - we need to go ahead with what we have.
>         No matter how the working directory is created, git init should be
>         applied to create a repository and subsequent changes documented.
>         If there is a problem with an activity, the github repository should
>         have an issue documenting the problem pending finding the resources to
>         fix it.
>         Tony
>         On 05/24/2017 02:29 PM, James Cameron wrote:
>             On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 11:23:25AM +0800, Tony Anderson wrote:
>                 Hi, James
>                 Thank for these details. I am trying to find out what the
>                 standards
>                 are for these repositories.
>                 Tony Forster contacted me by private email to let me know that
>                 textdungeon did not have a repository. Version 4 is version 3
>                 with
>                 the removal of
>                 import simplejson
>                 which causes an activity to fail with python 2.7.
>             Both of these pieces of information should be in the commits;
>             please
>             rewrite them.
>             Also, it should not be marked version 4 until you are ready to do
>             the
>             later steps in the role of activity maintainer; tag a release, make
>             a
>             bundle, and upload to ASLO.  As it stands now, there is no version
>             4
>             bundle in ASLO, yet the repository contains a version 4.
>                 In summary, in making a repository:
>                      * the commits need
>                              --author
>                              --date
>                              --compiled files such as .pyc should be deleted
>                       *git history should show each available version when
>                 created
>                 from a bundle
>                       *delete MANIFEST
>             The delete of MANIFEST and the GTK+ 3 porting should be commits
>             made
>             after the commit of the latest ASLO version; not including any
>             later
>             version you release from git.
>                       *add a .gitignore file (I understand this to be the same
>                 for all
>                 activities)
>             No, it won't be the same.  It may have some patterns that are
>             common.
>             It should have patterns for any files that may be created by
>             running
>             or building the source.
>                 Regarding thoughts:
>                          b) how is an installed activity to work without these
>                 files
>                 in the bundle? How is source code for object files kept in the
>                 repository (e.g.  box2d)?
>             It will work mysteriously.  How and where source code is kept is up
>             to
>             the activity author.  My point is that you cannot trust the
>             activity
>             author to have included source, and so a git repository built from
>             the
>             bundle may end up being less useful for source control purposes.
>                          c) this is the goal. However, how do you do this for
>                 an
>                 activity for which there is no repository?
>             Do this carefully and with the appropriate social license; as part
>             of
>             taking on activity maintenance role for an activity.
>             What Walter said, I agree with; paraphrasing now; creating a
>             repository from a bundle is a last resort action deep inside a long
>             process of maintaining an activity, which also includes upgrading
>             it
>             to GTK+ 3, testing, and making a release.
>             It isn't something to do first on [2]github.com/sugarlabs
>                          d) I don't understand you here. Any developers will
>                 see an
>                 activity with a link to a repository. How is that confusing?
>             Because the repository was built from the bundle, instead of the
>             bundle built from the repository.
>                          e) A repository provides a standard way to document
>                 problems
>                 that prevent the activity from working. Many activities in
>                 github
>                 may not work at a given time in the development, maintenance
>                 cycle. This has no effect until the bundle is released to ASLO.
>                 We
>                 have a fact that there are many (about one-half) bundles in
>                 ASLO
>                 that do not work. The best I can do is test and write an issue
>                 as to
>                 why they don't work. As volunteers get time, they can address
>                 the
>                 issues.
>             Where standard ways to document problems go against code quality
>             and
>             maintenance in the project as a whole, then the latter should win.
>                          I am not a 'maintainer' on ASLO. This permission would
>                 be
>                          helpful.
>             I was speaking of being an activity maintainer, rather than only
>             developer status on [3]activities.sugarlabs.org.
>             The role of an activity maintainer is to accept changes from
>             others,
>             test the activity, iterate with fixes, update version, tag a
>             release,
>             make a bundle, upload to ASLO, upload to [4]download.sugarlabs.org,
>             and
>             field any questions that arise.
>             I'd like to assess your capability in all those steps before giving
>             you any additional permissions on ASLO.  On the other hand, I can't
>             give you any additional permissions on ASLO because I don't have
>             them
>             myself.  I'm not the one to convince on that.
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