[Sugar-devel] New-ASLO and Sugar Network (was: Re: [IAEP] (Goals and Mission) with Microsoft in it?)

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue May 16 22:47:01 EDT 2017

On 16/05/17 20:53, Tony Anderson wrote:
> The Sugar Labs wiki page http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Network
> states that Sugar Network has been renamed as School Network.
Not exactly. It says School Network /is a successor/ of Sugar Network.
> The page links to http://school-network.org/hub/. This screen offers
> activities, books, and groups but only the activities appears to be
> populated.
> It offers a much simplified interface to the actiivities consisting of
> widget with an enlarged icon and a download link.
It is important to note that Sugar Network was intended to eventually
replace ASLO. The odd choice for an architecture is because it was
intended to function de-centralized.

> On 05/17/2017 09:23 AM, Samuel Cantero wrote:
>>     Samuel Cantero wrote:
>>     > we're going to try to build a new ASLO in GSoC which must ease
>>     > activities management, for both image builders and developers.
>>     Please also consider Sugar Network, which Sebastian knows about, and
>>     is used heavily, judging by the hit counts on the Sugar Labs servers.
>> Can someone explain the relationship between ASLO and Sugar network?
>> Pitifully we can't work in ASLO and Sugar network at the same time,
>> but we can take into account what is needed for interaction with
>> Sugar network. At least in design in the first stage.

At one time there was a ASLO->Sugar Network synchronization script.

Information about the internals of Sugar Network are documented here:

Sugar Network was meant to do what ASLO does and also provide a
community support platform, and place to share creations and projects.
It would be interesting at least to draw inspiration from. Laura,
Aleksey and me were original designers and implementers, always looking
for ways to make the vision a reality, and hoping to collaborate.


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