[Sugar-devel] Develop Python-Web on Sugar, Sugarizer or Standalone - [RELEASE] Jappy 1

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Mon May 15 01:42:05 EDT 2017

Hello Sugar friends!

As perhaps some of you are aware, I've been working on an Activity for
web programming in Python.

I think Python is a wonderful language for learning programming and have
always found installing Python itself a barrier. Now we can work
directly in a browser and programs will run in anywhere with very little
overhead, at very reasonable speeds!

Currently Jappy Activity has the following features:

  * Python 3 syntax and comparable performance
  * Tabbed Code editor with syntax highlighting and Solarized color scheme
  * Supports multiple files using Python's /import /syntax
  * Six examples demonstrating language and API features:
      o Mandala Maker
      o Memorize Game
      o Emoji Selector 👽
      o ... more! by me and soon, /you! 😉/
  * Yes, it has built in support for ~900 Emojis you can use directly in
    your code!
  * Run your creations in full screen!
  * Runs on Webkit2 / Chrome / Firefox browser engines (IE not tested)
  * Gives access to HTML5, CSS3 /and/ Javascript
  * Saves session in Sugar or Sugarizer Journal if available
  * Export to .zip (compiled JS code + source)
  * Import from .zip or as individual files
  * Jappy library offers browser friendly /print/, /inputAsync,
    clearScreen/ statements
  * Jappy itself is written in Python / RapydScript
  * Experimental standalone Android build and .XO bundle

Under the hood, Jappy uses the excellently supported RapydScript-NG
compiler by Kovid Goyal (the author of Calibre e-book manager). This
means that although the Python semantics are well supported, the
"batteries included" actually come from Javascript-land. You may use any
Javascript library from Jappy. It's a fun way to program the browser and
get over the quirks of Javascript.

I would sincerely appreciate your feedback and testing for this tool
which I plan to put to good use in our Artisan Videogame Workshop.
Special thanks to Laura Vargas, as well as our two children Inti and
Mariana, for their enthusiastic testing, feedback, design direction,
support and patience. This edition, version 1, "Mother's Day Edition" is
dedicated to all three of them. 👪

With your testing and any fixes that result, I hope to offer a pull
request for it to be included in Sugarizer.

You can try Jappy directly at:


Or clone the repository and try it standalone at:


Experimental Android and Sugar builds are at:


Looking forward to reading your impressions, have a nice week!

From the rainforest of Peru,



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