[Sugar-devel] Want to work on sugarizer dashboard this GSOC

Dinesh Choudhary dineshsirvi01 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 11:37:45 EDT 2017

Recently I was going through GSOC projects and I found Sugarizer dashboard
is pretty much under my skills level. The project required node.js, mongoDb
and html/css skills. I recently made some beginner level projects on
Node.js and mongoDB. I used google maps and some weather api's to
understand json data parsing and api handling in web apps. I even made a
basic project on authentication using mangoose and passport.js. So looking
all of my recent involvement, I found i can work on dashboard. Currently to
prepare myself for this, I am exploring sugarizer codebase and going
through the concepts of REST apis and javascript ES6. But I dont understand
the procedure of selection in this. As I have seen some more are also
interested in this project and even some people started working on it. So I
would like to know on what things i need to focus to make myself more
appropriate to this project. I went through the requirement or eligibility
remarks which are there on sugarizer site and trying my best to follow

Dinesh Choudhary,
3rd Year, CS Undergraduate,
RK University
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