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Not sure I agree about your asserts regarding github vs gitroious.

(1) the were/are many activities that were not hosted in gitorious long
before we switched to github, so it wasn't obvious where to find the source
repo *before* the switch. This is one of the reasons I started add the repo
path to the activity.info file.
(2) ALSO needs work and maintenance regardless of where the repos are


On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 10:02 PM, Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net>

> Hi James,
> Your book is a wonder and should be much more actively promoted. It is one
> of the major contributions of Sugar to constructive learning.
> I believe the use of git.sugarlabs.org and github are major steps
> backwards from the original conception of Sugar activities as something
> which users could develop and make available to the community. In the first
> place, the activity bundle contains the source code that is actually being
> executed. Second, there is a simple version system in activity.info. The
> Developer Hub at activities.sugarlabs.org supplies an adequate means to
> control maintenance activities (in the PR sense of having someone monitor
> changes before releasing them for general use).
> If one wanted to update an activity, say TuxMath, now the first step would
> be to clone the repository not install the activity itself.
> The ASLO site needs some work. Currently, the latest version is not
> necessarily exposed (see Browse or TuxMath, for example). In some cases,
> activities do not support Arm or use Hulahop and there is no way to specify
> which versions of Sugar or its platforms are supported. The availability of
> maintainers who know the PhP implementation of ASLO is apparently
> dwindling. Perhaps Sugar Labs could undertake to re-implement ASLO using
> Python (Django, flask, ...) or javascript to broaden the base of potential
> maintainers.
> However, dependence on github creates a duplicate repository for the
> source code. With 400+ activities, there is no mechanism in github to make
> the activities visible. Currently it may require searching 7 screens to
> find if an activity is there (unlike ASLO which has an effective search
> capability).
> I am sympathetic to the desire to acquaint our users with git and the
> concept of version control. However, this approach limits the opportunity
> to those who have internet access (probably a minority of our users).
> A more effective approach would be to determine how git could be installed
> in Sugar ( a git activity?) so that it can be used. Your book could then be
> used as a basis for helping our users learn to develop activities using
> version-control. In this way version control can be used locally by the
> developer prior to submitting an updated or new activity to ASLO (which may
> well involve a visit to an internet cafe).
> Tony
> Tony
> On 03/14/2017 03:39 AM, James Simmons wrote:
> All,
> I have been neglecting the manual *Make Your Own Sugar Activities!* ever
> since I first wrote it. However, I did manage to make one needed update in
> the laziest way possible. Since Sugar Labs has moved away from
> git.sugarlabs.org in favor of GitHub since I wrote the version control
> chapter I have added the following note to that chapter:
> *Important Note*: When this chapter was written Sugar Labs was still
> using *git.sugarlabs.org <http://git.sugarlabs.org>* as its code
> repository. While this still exists, the preferred repository is now
> https://github.com/, using the *sugarlabs* organization. This chapter is
> still a reasonable introduction to using Git, but when you set up your
> project repository you should use the excellent instructions provided on
> GitHub instead of the Gitorious instructions provided here.
> I hope this helps in some way.
> James Simmons
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