[Sugar-devel] GSOC 2k17

Arpit Nandwani arpit.nandwani at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 05:40:55 EDT 2017

Hello, I'm a computer science undergraduate student in the pre final
year of my college. I work on Python on a regular basis along with
javascript and MySQL/PostgreSQL on the frontend and the backend in
developing websites. I'm well versed with linux environment and have
done some bash scripting. Some of my opensource projects can be seen
on my github profile https://github.com/arpitn30.

I looked into the projects mentioned on your page and some of ideas
really fascinated me. I found the projects for development of
javascript IDE for activities and maintenance of sugar lab app store
activities really interesting and within my skillset. It would really
be helpful if someone could guide me on how to proceed further so I
can begin working on it early on.

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