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Vijeth T Aradhya vijthaaa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 11:08:25 EST 2017


I'm Vijeth Aradhya, currently a computer science undergrad at International
Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India. I would like to know
more about the community and the probable GSoC projects at Sugarlabs. I
developed a keen interest in the whole idea Sugar Labs is based on because
I always believed in free learning and helping curious students. I believe
that being a part of the community is more important than just completing a
project and merging some code.

I have pretty good background in programming in various areas, be it
graphics programming or front-end development. I'm currently a developer at
coala <http://coala.io/>, and I have contributed to GNU Mediagoblin and GNU
wget. I will list some of my projects I have done in my university and also
due to my own interests.

1. *Full-fledged scheme interpreter* (using Haskell) : When I was learning
category theory and functional programming, I wanted to build something and
I chose this project. I used Haskell, a purely functional language to do

2. *Game development* : I was always interested in game development since I
was a kid. I have developed a couple of small games -

(A) Bloxorz : (https://gitlab.com/vijeth-aradhya/bloxorz-game) : Inspired
by http://www.miniclip.com/games/bloxorz/en/, I built this game using
OpenGL as part of my Graphics course in my university.

(B) Blocks here and there : (https://gitlab.com/vijeth-ara
dhya/opengl-sample-bricks-game) : This is a 2 D game developed using openGL

(C) TicTacToe engine : (https://github.com/vijeth-aradhya/tictactoe-engine)
: Using basic minimax game theory algorithm, I built it using raw JS, html
and css.

(D) Tetris : (https://github.com/vijeth-aradhya/tetris-game) : Using python
curses library, I built the good, old tetris game.

(E) Ultimate tictactoe bot : This was part of my AI course in the
university where I built an ultimate tictactoe
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimate_tic-tac-toe> bot using alpha-beta
minimax algorithm.

3. *Application Development/Web Frameworks* : I am familiar with django,
web2py and ionic framework and I have built many small projects using the

There is a lot more which I have not mentioned about me, but I feel it's
best if I join the community and help out, and then only I would be clearer
about myself! Here <https://github.com/vijeth-aradhya/> is my github

Whether or not I make a successful proposal, I want to be a part of this
community and learn as much as possible. It would be great if you could get
me started. I could probably start by fixing bugs or contribute a small
project to the community. Currently, I have sent a mail requesting a wiki
account because I want to search for bugs and fix a few of them, and then I
would like to check out the projects listed and then narrow down to one of
them, and start working on it.

Also, if there is anything more I need to know about GSoC in general with
respect to the community (because I just joined the IRC and I'm really new
to Sugarlabs), please let me know. I believe that this is good way to kick
start my contribution to Sugarlabs!

Looking forward to your response,

Thank you,
Vijeth Aradhya,
Undergraduate Sophomore,
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
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