[Sugar-devel] Question about Sugarizing a Python program

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue Mar 7 15:45:22 EST 2017


Great to hear, sounds very interesting!

I recommend you look at the libre book "Make Your Own Sugar Activities"
for guidance. It will depend on what libraries you used.

If it's pygame you will need something like the "sugargame" module but I
don't know if there's one for GTK3. This is because both

GTK and pygame have their own main loop sometimes competing.

In 2015, we (SomosAzucar R&D team) were asked to build a English
vocabulary set of games for the ministry of Education of Peru.

I don't know if there's a better way nowadays, but perhaps our technical
approach is of interest to you.

Here's the repo https://github.com/icarito/peru-learns-english - also
there's an XO bundle for Sugar on activities.sugarlabs.org

We'll be happy to try your game!


On 07/03/17 15:28, Nguyen, Lam wrote:
> Hi Sugar developers,
> We are a team of developers from Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, US.
> We have been developing a Python program that consists of three games,
> which aim to help children to learn how to spell English words. The
> game was based on the suggestions from this wiki page
> https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Spelling.
> Now that the games are almost complete, we are looking into how to
> integrate the game into the Sugar environment, in order to create a
> fully functional Sugar activity. Could you please give us some
> pointers, or direct us to where we could find information about this
> “Sugarizing” process? How do we get started?
> Thank you in advance, we really appreciate it!
> Best regards,
> Lam Nguyen
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