[Sugar-devel] [ASLO] Release Pippy-71

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Fri Jun 2 03:56:39 EDT 2017

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Sugar Platform:
0.96 - 0.110

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Release notes:
* Demote unnecessary errors (James Cameron)
* Add missing msgstr in po/bg.po (James Cameron)
* Update repository URL (James Cameron)
* Fix version warnings from Python GI API (James Cameron)
* Trim headers, synch to Pootle (Chris Leonard)
* fix_erase (Icarito)
* New examples (Cristian Garcia)
* Clear only the canvas not the code. Fixes #44. (Icarito)
* Fix AttributeError on missing 'leader' attribute (György Balló)
* Add Gtk and Sugar examples (Cristian Garcia)
* merge Albanian strings (Chris Leonard)
* merge Yoruba strings (Chris Leonard)
* honor max-participants (AbrahmAB)
* Copy from Vte or text buffer (James Cameron)
* Rename example load to open (James Cameron)
* Load examples in new tab (James Cameron)
* Typo, disutils to distutils (James Cameron)
* Save as library; only if writable (James Cameron)
* Load example; omit En and Es directories (James Cameron)
* Pong example playability (James Cameron)
* Repair Gtk tutorial examples (James Cameron)
* Fix missing run, stop, clear icons (James Cameron)
* Use either Vte version (James Cameron)
* use latest collabwrapper.py (James Cameron)


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