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On Jun 1, 2017 1:28 PM, "Adam Holt" <holt at laptop.org> wrote:

On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 7:14 AM, Samson Goddy <samsongoddy at gmail.com> wrote:

> This would set a terrible precedent for Sugar Labs to pay $800 for a visa
> alone.
> Flight and other things connected.
All for the sake of 1 visa alone, let's hope it happens (sorry you're
flying instead of taking the new train from Port Harcourt to Lagos isn't
ready yet...)

Strange that my parents spent an important part of their lives teaching  in
> Nigeria and I happen to know more about modern Lagos (where Samson would
> apply for his French govt visa) than a steady stream of hyperbolic claims
> have insinuated.
> I am a Nigerian, you are not.
Luckily they charge the same price regardless our ethnicity here at this
$~19/night room in good proximity to the French Embassy in Lagos: (Lekki,
by Lagos Island, I know it well)


Air/conditioning, Internet, Amenities etc...I don't spend this much myself
but there are in fact options in every price range.

Staying a  standard hotel, is and always be the best option for me. I am
not an adult yet technically, the street in Lagos is not meant for people
like me.

Meaning i can't use this service, only hotels. My parents wouldn't even let
me try it.

It may sound crazy but that how it is.

Things are crazy expensive in Nigeria.
Nigeria has a truly great sense of humor and Nigerians are more resourceful
than most imagine.

Yeah we all are, but the government isn't.

As such I will continue to vote My Conscience -- *AGAINST THIS MOTION with
> respect for all and malice toward none* -- up until the point where:
> 1) The total is reduced to $500 (receipts provided per SFConservancy
> policies).
> If $800 can't be given to me, i am okay with  $500-600. Just that it will
> make me use lot of my savings i have been keeping for my internet plan.
> Half is better than none.
Thanks much Samson for being understanding and honoring all who wish they
had this opportunity!

> 2) It is clarified in writing (within the motion or nearby) what happens
> if the money disappears, if the French Govt insists on rejecting Samson's
> visa application.  (In short: would Sugar Labs or Scratch pay this up-to-
> $500 ?)
The motion needs to quickly clarify the above.

Frankly, there is no need for this. I said Sugar Labs is not going to give
me any money or support me until i have my visa that hand. This motion is
purely for reimbursement.

You made it clear that SL might lose money. So this is how i tend to
prevent that. I am going to use my personal savings with so little support
with the scratch community. Then get reimbursed if i am successful.

Onwards & Upwards ~

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