[Sugar-devel] GCI wrapup

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 19:59:19 EST 2017

Google just announced the winners of GCI. From Sugar Labs, our winners are:

Cristian García and Tymon Radzik

Our other finalists are:

Emily Ong Hui Qi, Euan Ong, and Pablo Salomón Ortega Quintana.

Other students deserving mention include:

Hrishi Patel, Himanshu Sekhar Nayak, Kachachan Chotitamnavee, Hitesh
Agarwal, Matías Martínez, and Ayush Kumar.

Also a tip of the hat to the other 285 students who made an effort to
participate in the Sugar Labs track of GCI.

A few highlights:

Dozens of new activities, include a great "Mastermind-like" game and very
nice planetary simulator. Hundreds of bugs fixed, including one Turtle
Blocks bug that results in an order-of-magnitude speed up of the turtle.
Music Blocks has a cute new mouse avatar and a much-needed refresh of the

I would be remiss if I did not also thank the mentors, all 35 of them,
without whom we could not have hosted all of these new contributors to
Sugar Labs. We had 24/7 coverage on our IRC channel (thanks in large part
to Ignacio, Quozl', and pikarusa). And a dedicated team from Caacupe,
always there to lend a hand.

Next up: Google Summer of Code. Please make suggestions for projects in the




Walter Bender
Sugar Labs
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